Partners for Change

You can also provide donations directly to Switch and Restavek Freedom, two Greenleaf Cares partners who are leading the fight against human trafficking.


Switch promotes local awareness of human trafficking and provides intervention and restoration services in the upstate of South Carolina.

Awareness. Educates community members & agencies on how to recognize red flags for human trafficking, how to report suspected human trafficking cases, and how to appropriately respond to individuals who have experienced exploitation.

Prevention. Provides young people with the tools & knowledge they need to stay safe and to prevent themselves & their friends from victimization.

Demand. Male volunteers who help to fight the demand to end commercial sex and pornography by providing accountability, tools, and resources to those wishing to overcome a pornography or sex addiction.

Intervention. Monthly outreach efforts to build relationships with individuals in the commercial sex industry. Switch seeks to build rapport & to provide a safe place for individuals to reach out should they choose to want out of “the life”.

Restoration. A holistic, individualized restoration plan is provided for each participant in this program.



Restavek Freedom is a non-profit dedicated to ending child slavery in Haiti. “Restavek” is a Haitian term referring to an exploited child abused for labor.

Fight for children in restavek by advocating for them, promoting child protection, and rescuing them when possible.

Raise awareness to change hearts and minds in the country as a whole, challenging the cultural acceptance of restavek.

Engage the host families of child domestic workers to protect children from abuse and encourage access to education.

Educate families who have sent or are at risk of sending children into restavek, helping to reunify families and prevent abuse.


Join us in Cultivating Change

A portion of Greenleaf sales will be donated to Greenleaf Cares to support organizations leading the fight to break the cycle of human trafficking.