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Bob and Sylvia Caldwell- founders and owners of Greenleaf

Bob and Sylvia Caldwell- founders and owners of Greenleaf


Greenleaf came to be when our co-founder, Sylvia Caldwell, came home from a craft show with a small packet of scented vermiculite.  Bob realized that they had a lot of vermiculite on hand since they used it in their gardening, and he set to work creating the original envelope sachet, which has transformed and grown into the beautiful scent packets you’ll find on the site today. Over the years, we’ve tested out new fragrances and new home fragrance products, always trying to create solutions for the modern woman’s everyday lifestyle. Our most recent step with products includes launching a new scent, Currant Rose, and debuting a new line of classic patterns with a modern twist that better communicate the essence of our fragrances in today’s market. Sylvia felt they achieved success with Greenleaf, and that was when they earned enough from the business to be a blessing in the lives of others.

Throughout the life of our company, we’ve been supporting local charities and giving back. As the product categories grew from sachets to room sprays, reed diffusers, and candles, the opportunities we had to give back grew as well. Now we have a full fragrance line, and we’re taking the next step with our give back mission. Through the Greenleaf Cares Initiative, we are donating a portion of sales to organizations to help break the cycle of human trafficking, which is the fastest growing crime in the world. We will be partnering with organizations who are leading the fight to demonstrate our commitment to cultivate change and raise awareness. Switch and Restavek Freedom are the first two non-profits to benefit from Greenleaf Cares.

The Caldwell family sits down to tell the history of how Greenleaf came to be and where Greenleaf is headed in the future!
President, Bob and Sarah Caldwell sit down to tell the story of a foundational building block on which Greenleaf Cares was started.

How to Get Involved

You can help break the cycle of human trafficking by partnering with us! Proceeds from each Greenleaf item you purchase are donated to organizations leading the fight.


The Root: Our passion is rooted in creating quality home fragrance solutions for you to plug into your modern lifestyle.

The Water: The home fragrance solutions you purchase enable us to fund the Greenleaf Cares initiative, which waters a core value of Greenleaf to be a blessing to others, especially women.

The Light: In an effort to shed light on the reality of human trafficking and raise awareness of this crime on a local and international level, Greenleaf is partnering with organizations leading the fight against human trafficking.

The Growth: We experience growth from uniting together to break the cycle of human trafficking, which cultivates the change we need to end modern day slavery in our world.


You can also provide donations directly to Switch and Restavek Freedom, two Greenleaf Cares partners who are leading the fight against human trafficking.


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